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About CpaRun

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What is CpaRun?

More than 3000 offers in over 150 nations

CpaRun is a Performance Marketing Agency or a CPA (cost per action) network that helps publishers and affiliates monetize their traffic by connecting them with merchant web sites and brands that share revenue and profit when a user completes an action. Affiliates can be crowd sourced into a single stream to achieve the highest commission tier, while advertisers have the opportunity to reach thousands of publishers by dealing with a single company and guaranteeing return on their advertising budget by only paying on successful user acquisition.

Why should you partner with CpaRun?

The affiliate network space is a red ocean of competitors and startups, where failures are more common than the successes and the experience. The majority of networks use a strategy of low salaries and high commissioned teams to insure their revenues and profits, taking both from affiliate and advertiser.

CpaRun's leaders are successful industry veterans and each one of them holds equity in our company. We've had personal relationships with a majority of our advertisers for more than a decade. We ensure their returns and work with them to develop new offers and brands from our experience. The top affiliates in our network are considered both partners and friends, and each new affiliate has an opportunity to be part of our philosophy of business. We have never missed a payment and we never will. This is more than a business to us, this is our lifestyle and our lifetime career.

Who is CpaRun?

Industry Veterans - Affiliate Marketing since 1998 - Expert Media Buyers

CpaRun is an exclusive affiliate network with more than 18 years of experience optimizing and monetizing online dating offers and casual verticals. Over our careers, we have paid affiliates more than one billion dollars, never missing a payment, never being late. We understand how to convert global traffic in any geographic economy because we have bought and converted more advertising that anyone in the online dating industry. We test, adjust and optimize each direct offer in house to make sure that we providing our partners with the highest earning per unique user. We have relationships with advertisers that no other affiliate network can offer. We work closely with our top offers by creating new exclusive brands with fresh databases and unique user flows, because we have owned and created the top online dating brands and offers over the past decade and a half. The keystones to our success are the high standards that we demand from our traffic, a close personal relationship with our advertisers to bring them a successful return on their budget, and the hard work that we put into our network.

advertisers to bring them a successful return on their budget, and the hard work that we put into our network.

We have years of combined experience, and every one of our team leaders has had success independently and as part of our company. Each one brings talent to the formula that has built our tools, reporting capabilities, analytics, and creative suite. If you are new to internet advertising, or if you are a veteran, chances are that you already have worked with us in the past or you are currently working with one of our team members. We understand performance marketing, because that is what we have always

When you are part of our network, you are more than just an affiliate or an advertiser; you are part of our team. Reach out HERE to our team leaders and see what we can do for you.


Exclusives - Communication - Weekly Payments - No Caps

CpaRun specializes in casual dating, we also have focus and experience in nutra, carrier, live interactive, health, and mainstream. We understand performance marketing because that is what we have always done since the first online affiliate program launched. We pay affiliates each week on their earnings from promoting CPL, CPI, PPS and revshare offers with CpaRun.

We work with our affiliate partners in two ways, we have direct offers for you to promote and we also can monetize your global untargeted traffic with a single link solution.

- Direct Link Offers

You will have access to over 3000 offers in more than 150 nations to promote. We can provide both responsive and non-responsive offerings that you can build a campaign around and we will help you maximize and optimize your earnings. From diet to casual dating, we have exclusive offers that were created for our affiliates to promote.

- Global Smart Link

CpaRun offers a single link solution to monetize all of your untargeted mobile and desktop traffic in over 150 nations, we call this a 'global smart link'. We tested performance marketing software solutions and nothing in the market was robust enough or had the variables to route traffic to every country, to every offer, while optimizing each route by earning per click. Because of this need, we have built our proprietary technology and algorithms that will give our affiliates access to every offer in our network.


CpaRun fosters close relationships with our advertisers. We believe that partnerships are built on mutual goals and trust. The road to a successful relationship is open communication about your performance goals and products. Bespoke marketing plans and funnels have proven to convert our publisher partners traffic, in turn reaching a common end goal. We pride ourselves in customized strategies that are tailor made for our clients.

Contact us today so we can fulfill your customer acquisition goals.

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